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World Championship 1972

City Paris
Country France
Organizer WKF
Competitors 220
Clubs on medal positions 6
Countries on medal positions 6
Classifications 600-400-200-100-50

Appraisal of tournament quality:
Vote: Terrible Not good Average Good Perfect Total: 15x

Order by:
Position Category First name Lastname Club/Team  
kumite male IPPON
1. kumite male IPPON L. Watanabe Brazil BRA BRA
2. kumite male IPPON W. Higgins Great Britain GRB GRB
3. kumite male IPPON F. Sauvin France FRA FRA
3. kumite male IPPON Schupter Yugoslavia YUG YUG
kumite team male
1. kumite team male France FRA FRA
2. kumite team male Italy ITA ITA
3. kumite team male Great Britain GRB GRB
3. kumite team male Singapore SIN SIN

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